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Dear Rotarians,

A very big thanks to all of you for your contributions to Rotary!

 The Rotary Year 22-23 is indeed historic as we have a first Lady President. Jennifer Jones is the first Lady to be bestowed the reigns of Rotary International Presidentship in 117 years. After going through her story, I have come to understand the strength of a Woman who has overcome cancer and stood her ground against all odds. She believes in “Imagine” and it will happen. She is giving us a resilient message that everything is possible. Let us join hands and prove that we can “Imagine Rotary” and spread smiles. As the first woman to be nominated to be president, Jones understands how important it is to follow through on Rotary’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement. She says “I believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion … begins at the top and for us to realize growth in female membership and members under the age of forty — these demographics need to see their own reflection in leadership,” Jones said. “I will champion double-digit growth in both categories while never losing sight of our entire family.”

We are indeed grateful to our District Governor Rtn Dr. Anil Parmar who has very big dreams to enhance Rotary by doing BIGGER, BETTER AND BOLDER projects. That’s his tagline for this year. I have seen our District First Lady Rtn Dr. Hema Parmar accompanying our DG and giving her full support in all his work. I wonder how the ever smiling couple are able to get the energy and strength to set such a pace for all the Clubs in the District.

I think it is their determination to do good in the world. I hope and pray that we also are blessed with their energy so that we can also spread smiles among the downtrodden and the people of India. I also would like to recognise the efforts of all his district team who are at their toes by assisting all the Clubs in the district. Their great innovations are setting a benchmark for future Rotary leaders. The united teamwork makes a difference and this is displayed by the power of my Cop mates. They have always helped in coming together and being there for any of my efforts to do projects or maybe organise a get together.

My Club is the greatest as I can see such large hearted members who have supported me continually for any assignments that I may be guided to perform.  Their commitment and josh is truly exemplary. I wish each one of them the very best in their Rotary and personal life as well. A special mention for our Anns and Annets who have come up with some very good ideas propagating goodwill. I am greatly honoured to get such a vibrant team from the Nominating Committee. I am sure that with our collective efforts, we shall be able to solicit solidarity among all. I am looking forward to some great Projects, Events and other activities  which would envision us to Imagine Rotary.






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